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Pont couvert

Un calendrier de tissus datant de 1965 représentant une oeuvre de l’artiste Warren Boucher Red cover bridge. L’extrait poétique vient d’un poème de Anderson M. Scruggs The covered bridge.

Calendrier Warren 1965

The covered bridge

Some part of life becomes oblivion;  

Something whose roots lie deep within the heart   

Of simple folk is lost, as one by one    

These pioneers of other days depart.    

 Only the country folk, whose careless tread      

Endears a dusty road, can ever know       

The peaceful, clattering joy of rude planks spread        

Above a drowsy creek that gleams below.


Here was refuge from the sudden showers 

 That swept like moving music field and wood.   

And here cool, tunneled dark when sultry hours    

Danced with white feet beyond the bridge’s hood,     

Yet there are soulless men whose hand and brain      

Tear down what time will never give again.


What shall the hearth remember?  Poems Anderson M. Scruggs (S. Price Gilbert Editor, 1951, Contemporary poetry series)